(Sprig screen is 1/8" / 160×128 px)
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Welcome to Sprig!


After each edit, hit the “Run” button in the top right of the editor to see your changes.
P.S.: you can also use the shift + enter shortcut.


To complete each step you’ll have to edit the code.

The code for this game starts below this comment.

Made based on this workshop https://workshops.hackclub.com/sprig_dodge/

The goal is to dodge the fireballs.

Step 1: Add the player to the map

The basic thing is to have a player on the screen, right? So let’s go! Click on the map and add the player sprite to a tile.

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Scroll through the code to find setMap.

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Sprig creates tile-based games, uses structures like bitmap and map to make it.

bitmap is 1 tile and map is many tiles that bitmap can move.

bitmap don’t appear out of nowhere, need to be added to the map, to do click on map, select player bitmap and place on a tile:

Step 2: Add controls for moving the player to right

Try moving the character around with the a and d keys on your keyboard. You’ll notice that the player can only move left (when you press a).

Your challenge is to add control for the player to move right, use d as input.

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Scroll through the code to find onInput.

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In JavaScript, a function is a block of code designed to do a specific task. In Sprig, an onInput function is used to detect when a keyboard input is given. In our code, we can see that there are two onInput functions for the keys a and d.

We’ll need to add one more for the key d. Type this out below your onInput functions for d.

onInput("d", function() {
    getFirst(player).x += 1;

Step 3: Fix the code!

If you have already clicked on Run button, you have already noticed that this error appears:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length') on line ... in column 33. Open the browser console for more information.
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the getAll() and getFirst() functions are a bit strange, aren’t they?

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This is a great example of when the error itself isn’t in the line that says error.

If you look at getFirst() and getAll() and knowing what each one is used for:

Returns all sprites of the given type. If no bitmap key is specified, it returns all the sprites in the game.

Returns the first sprite of a given type. Useful if you know there’s only one of a sprite, such as with a player character.

you will notice that they are swapped, after all, it wouldn’t make sense to use getFirst() for some sprite that has several copies on the map.

Step 4: Add all functions in the gameLoop interval

For everything to work, add the functions created in gameLoop.

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Use spawnObstacle(), moveObstacles(), despawnObstacles() and checkHit()

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Just copy the functions in gameLoop:)

var gameLoop = setInterval(() => {


You’re now a Sprig game developer! You have a few options for how to continue on your Sprig journey:

If you feel confident with the Sprig editor and ready to create your own games from scratch,

  • Take a look at the Sprig Gallery and collect ideas from games you look through
  • Click here to create a new Sprig game
  • Once you’re done, submit your game to the gallery and get a free Sprig console

If you’re enjoying hacking on this game, here are some ideas for how to expand on it:

  • adding two players
  • adding powerups
  • come up with your own mechanic!

If you need help, remember that the toolkit (at the top of this panel) is there for you. You can also ask in the #sprig channel in the Hack Club Slack.