Share your game, get a Sprig

After you create your own game, we'd love for you to share it with other makers on the internet!

If you're looking to submit your game to get a Sprig, make sure to read over the rules here.

Step 0:

Download your game file

In the top left Sprig menu, press "Download". Your file should start downloading immediately.

screenshot of where to export the game file

Step 1:

Fork the Sprig repository

Click below to create a fork of the Sprig repository.

You might have to sign up for a GitHub account.

Optional: while you're here it'd be nice to give us a star!

screenshot of github's fork page

Step 2:

Upload your game to your fork

  • Open the "Games" folder within your fork
  • Click "Add File"
  • Select "Upload File"
  • Add your file and click "Commit File"
screenshot of where to upload the game file on github

(Optional) Step 3:

Add custom thumbnail

By default, the thumbnail that shows up in the gallery will be the first map of your game. If you want to change this, you can:

  • Take a screenshot of your game (PNG format only)
  • Click back to the gallery folder
  • Open the img folder in gallery
  • Click "Add File"
  • Select "Upload File"
  • Name your image file the file name for your game
  • Click "Commit File"
screenshot of where to add a thumbnail

Step 4:

Create a pull request

  • On your fork's page, click on "Contribute"
  • Select "Open Pull Request"
  • Click "Create Pull Request"
  • Name your pull request with the name of your game
  • Complete the information requested in the Pull Request body
  • Click "Create Pull Request"

We'll take a look at your game! Once approved, your game will appear in the gallery :)

If you're a high schooler or younger and your game meets the requirements we'll also get in touch to mail you a physical Sprig of your own.

screenshot of the create pull request button
sprig dino