Share your game

After you create your own game, we'd love for you to share it with other makers on the internet!

If you're looking to submit your game to get a Sprig, make sure to read over the rules here.

Step 0:

Name your game

Add the following comment.

@title: your_game
@author: your name

Step 1:

Download your game file

Select "file", "share", then "as file". Your download should begin immediately.

screenshot of where to export the game file

Step 2:

Fork the Sprig repository

Click below to create a fork of the Sprig repository.

You might have to sign up for a GitHub account.

Optional: while you're here it'd be nice to give us a star!

screenshot of github's fork page

Step 3:

Upload your game to your fork

  • Open the "Games" folder within your fork
  • Click "Add File"
  • Select "Upload File"
  • Add your file and click "Commit File"
screenshot of where to upload the game file on github

(Optional) Step 4:

Add custom thumbnail

By default, the thumbnail that shows up in the gallery will be the first map of your game. If you want to change this, you can:

  • Take a screenshot of your game (PNG format only)
  • Click back to the gallery folder
  • Open the img folder in gallery
  • Click "Add File"
  • Select "Upload File"
  • Name your image file the file name for your game
  • Click "Commit File"
screenshot of where to add a thumbnail

Step 5:

Create a pull request

  • On your fork's page, click on "Contribute"
  • Select "Open Pull Request"
  • Click "Create Pull Request"
  • Name your pull request with the name of your game
  • Write some description of your game and your experience coding.
  • Click "Create Pull Request"

We'll take a look at your game! Once approved, your game will appear in the gallery :)

screenshot of the create pull request button
sprig dino